Pier: A structure that serves as  1. a path from shore to navigable waters;   2. a point of embarkation, arrival, or return;   3. a place to walk along the intersection of the sea and land;   4. a breakwater to protect or create a sheltered place for anchorage;   5. a support at the end of an archway;   6. a solid mount for a telescope

Pier Press®: Publisher of materials to help you  1. prepare for life's adventures;   2. experience an intellectual or spiritual journey;   3. examine your world and your circumstances;   4. find rest;   5. hold up under stress;   6. see the stars, the skies, and the heavens.

About Us

Pier Press® LLC publishes books and other materials that inform, entertain, and inspire readers. Our goals are to present enduring themes in an atmosphere that is scientifically aware and spiritually alert.

Our community comprises people who seek insight, enrichment, and personal discovery. They also pursue physical and spiritual wellbeing, and they hope to maximize the enjoyment of their leisure time and experience a sense of "re-creation" in their recreation.

Pier Press®, LLC is owned by Wordwright, LLC


Our Projects

Pier Perspectives, a periodically updated blog, looks at the intersection of spiritual, natural, and tangible realities in contemporary society. Read our posts and leave a comment to join the conversation. 

Observations: A Newsletter from Pier Press® offers readers a chance to look up at wonders in the sky, look around to discover what science can reveal, look within to enhance spiritual life, and look ahead to learn about our plans. Subscribe or visit our archives today.

Which Good Book? An Impartial Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation, This interactive tool will help you select a Bible that best suits your needs. Now available!

Walk With... a series of journals to facilitate interacting with Biblical texts in a way that is deeply personal and free of denominational bias will make their debut in 2014.

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Currently Featured Author

Karen Bellenir has written more than 200 articles and edited more than 100 books in the fields of health, finance, and religion. Her work has been published in a wide range of newspapers and nationally circulated magazines, including Today’s Christian Woman, Scientific American, and the Detroit Free Press. She currently writes a monthly column for the Farmville Herald called “Happy to Be Here.” For more information visit or follow her on Twitter @KBellenir.