Endorsement Disclosure

Our blog, Pier Perspectives, presents opinions on a wide variety of issues. It may even discuss or recommend products or services that are for sale. When we speak favorably of something, it is because we believe it will be of value to our readers.

We do not accept paid advertising, but there may be times when we profit, directly or indirectly, from information made available in our blog or elsewhere on our website. We want you to know that there are three situations in which we may have a material connection with sellers of products or services. First, an author may send us a free copy of a book to review (or the producer of some other product or service may provide us with a free sample). Secondly, we may discuss something and provide a link to a seller with whom we have an affiliate arrangement. In this type of situation, if you click on the provided link and make a purchase, the seller compensates us. At the moment, we are not participating in any affiliate programs, but if we do, we will list them here. Thirdly, when you visit our bookstore and make a purchase, we benefit directly. (So, please, visit our bookstore!)

In all cases, any comments we make reflect our true opinions at the time they were made irrespective of whether we purchased the product or service, received it as a free sample, or stand to gain monetarily from its sale. If you have questions about our potential material relationship with the seller or producer of any specific product or service, please contact us and ask for more information.

Last updated: January 3, 2015