Here's what people are saying about Jesus, Beginnings, and Science:

"Kate and David Vosburg, pastor and chemist, wife and husband, author and co-author embody the harmony of religion and science in their own lives. In Jesus, Beginnings, and Science they offer a helpful and informed guide to starting tough conversations about topics that scare away most evangelicals. Their guide is immensely practical and will enable anyone, regardless of their background in science or religion, to lead effective and cordial conversations about some of the most divisive topics of our day. Highly recommended."

—Karl Giberson, Professor of Science & Religion at Stonehill College and author of Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution

"Jesus, Beginnings, and Science is a marvelously helpful guide to an issue that very many Christians, and especially college and university students, struggle with—the relationship between science and faith. Organized as a series of studies of crucial topics, it is practical, pastoral, and deeply biblical. It is perfect for small groups of interested students. The basic message is that Christianity and science are compatible. I recommend the Guide with great enthusiasm. Anybody who is involved in ministry to college-age students should read and use it."

—Stephen T. Davis, Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy Claremont McKenna College

"Many people, Christians and non-believers, think that science is in conflict with faith. However as David (a scientist) and Kate (a pastor) Vosburg point out, they don’t have to be when rightly understood. I enthusiastically recommend this winsome and intelligent guide to this important subject for all Christians—especially those who feel that their faith is challenged by science."

—Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar of Biblical Studies Westmont College

"This study guide has immense value on multiple levels. It offers a series of skillfully crafted group discussion experiences that participants will find engaging, eye-opening, and non-threatening, whatever commitments on religion and science they bring with them. In the process of offering these experiences, the guide introduces many notable scientists and religious leaders who are models of a harmonious embrace of both approaches to knowing. The guide provides extensive resources for further reading on every facet of the issue it explores, and it also leads groups into worship experiences around their conversations. David and Kate Vosburg are uniquely qualified to lead groups into an understanding of the contributions that religion and science can make to one another and to a comprehensive appreciation of our world, and I’m very grateful that they’ve drawn on their complementary vocations to create this guide together."

—Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Smith, author Understanding the Books of the Bible study guide series and the blog Good Question

"Having a conversation about science and faith can be very difficult in churches today. Often we don’t even know where to start. The Vosburgs have provided this guide for that conversation in a way that preserves the integrity of both faith and science, and is accessible for non-specialists. As they keep the focus on Scripture, they ably facilitate productive dialogue that will inform as well as enrich. I hope that many churches and small groups are encouraged to engage this conversation with the help this guide can provide."

—John H. Walton, Professor of Old Testament Wheaton College

"These days university students want to do things together—community!  The Vosburgs have produced in this study guide a "community" solution to an old problem: "In the light of science, what's left of my religion, my faith?"  Students working in small groups, helped by very thought-invoking questions, references and reflections by a scientist, get to think through Bible passages and the thoughts of others to work toward their own answer to that problem.

"The consistent format for these studies is just right to encourage reflection, discussion, and deeper study. Starting with a provocative “Opening Question,” some introduction to the matters to follow, we go on to the written out passage (no need to lug around the Bible or to resist the temptation offered by locating the passage on our phone!), we are now ready to really think.  After a few very engaging questions, a challenge to reflection, Dr. Vosburgh offers a brief reflection of his own from a scientist’s perspective. A most unusual feature is the suggestion of a few songs to sing or listen to after the study. Finally, the students are offered a brief but pointed set of further reading ideas.

"Having been for many years a chemistry prof myself and for many more years discussing these very issues with students and faculty as an InterVarsity staff person, I believe this will be a most helpful new approach to an ever present struggle. I wish I had this as a college student wrestling with issues of science and my faith."

—Terry Morrison, PhD, Emeritus Director, Faculty Ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"Jesus, Beginnings, and Science is the result of the Vosburg’s extensive experience of leading students through the science-faith discussion, and should prove helpful for campus-based Christian groups across the US and beyond. Rather than laying out the various positions on creation and evolution, which are probably familiar to most students, this material starts with the other creation accounts that are scattered throughout the Bible, steering the conversation in a helpful direction with open-ended questions and guidelines for gracious disagreement where necessary.

"This book touches on the topics that are most key to moving students from a position of paralysing anxiety or combative debate to a healthy awareness of which areas are core to the Christian faith, and which are open to multiple interpretations. The ‘scientist’s reflections’ sections share a helpful perspective that may be unfamiliar to many students.

"These studies follow a format that will be familiar to campus group leaders, which is easy to pick up and run without extensive preparation or background knowledge of the science. Some prior knowledge of the various positions on Genesis 1-3 would help, but there are plenty of other resources available on that topic, some of which are listed in the back of the book.

—Dr. Ruth M. Bancewicz, Senior Research Associate, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

"Whether you are a student or teacher of science, an individual, or a group intrigued by the conflict between science and Christianity, Jesus, Beginnings, and Science: A Guide for Group Conversation is a rich resource that sheds light into the topics of creation, human origin and limits of human knowledge. It provides structure in such exploration through relevant Scripture passages, stimulating questions and extremely thoughtful authors' reflection in every chapter, through which it brings forth vibrant and vital discussion. It is a timely, invaluable guide for learners of science on campuses and beyond."

—Louise Ko Huang, Ph.D., Director, Center for Research in Science, Azusa Pacific University

"Jesus, Beginnings and Science is a straightforward, imaginative integration of science and Scripture that preserves the integrity of both. Using the best current sources, David and Kate Vosburg weave a multi-sensory exploration of the salient issues and texts impacting science and faith. It's clear throughout that the Vosburgs care deeply about biblical and scientific truth and reveal how God, the author of truth, maintains the integrity of each. Jesus, Beginnings and Science encourages participants to offer worship to God as His truth is appreciated and personalized. This is a fantastic resource to bridge the chasm between science and faith that strands so many to agnosticism or outright rejection of God's truth."

—Dr. Dean N. Smith, Pastor, The Highway Community and President, Highway Media Executive Producer of From the Dust: Conversations in Creation

"David and Kate Vosburg's Jesus, Beginnings, and Science: A Guide for Group Conversation offers a rich resource for campus ministers seeking to dig into this important topic without going down the all too popular path of polarization. Their tireless work to create honest and open dialogue is priceless. As a campus minister who draws on Kate’s knowledge as a colleague in InterVarsity and David’s wisdom as a faculty member at Harvey Mudd College, I am deeply appreciative of this study guide.

"David's "A Scientist's Reflection" at the close of each study brought a smile to my face, reminding me of our hours of conversations with students, campus ministers, and faculty at conferences over the past decade. I look forward to having this text to share his much needed voice in the conversation regarding the relationship of science and faith. I pray that this campus resource builds a foundation for honest and open dialogue which will continue for decades across a number of settings. To God be the glory!"

—Thomas B. Grosh IV, Associate Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Emerging Scholars Network

 "Jesus, Beginnings, and Science is a much needed guide, sure to be helpful to all who are wrestling with these issues. The Vosburgs provide a very practical guide to the central passages of Scripture that all believers must thoughtfully engage in coming to an understanding of God’s relation to His Creation. In a time of much confusion over these issues among Christians, Jesus, Beginnings, and Science is a refreshing guide past the soundbites and straw men and into the biblical texts themselves. With helpful overviews, engaging questions and thoughtful reflections, the Vosburgs help readers study the Scriptures themselves and draw their own conclusions without endorsing one view over another. I highly recommend Jesus, Beginnings, and Science for use by churches and campus ministries in small group contexts."

—Dr. Stan Wallace, President and CEO of Global Scholars and co-editor Science: Christian Perspectives for the New Millennium

"I know of no finer introductory-level study guide for the discussion and biblical study of the most perplexing issues at the interface between science and Christian faith.  Concisely arranged in three parts—creation, human origins, and science in general—each of the twelve chapters is based upon a thoughtful Scripture selection, a set of insightful discussion questions, and a brief perspective on the scientific issues at play.  The authors have clearly been engaged in biblically based discussion groups for some time; I can’t imagine a better way of constructing a study guide."

—Darrel R. Falk, Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Point Loma Nazarene University, Senior Advisor for Dialog and Former President, BioLogos

"Jesus, Beginnings, and Science is a fantastic resource for those who love science and also want to explore faith in God.  David and Kate Vosburg have provided a path forward through the false 'Science vs. Faith' paradigm to the God who uses both general and special revelation to call people to Himself.  I highly recommend it!

"This guide for group conversation is an excellent resource for dealing with one of the most important issues of our time, the integration of scientific inquiry and matters of faith. David and Kate Vosburg have done an amazing job of opening up dialogue on this topic and providing a road map for those who believe that God speaks through both His creation and His Word.  It will be very helpful to many people."

—Glenn Gunderson, Lead Pastor, Purpose Church, Pomona, California

"Integrating science with one’s Christian faith is often a personal journey concerning who I am as I rediscover God the Creator and Sustainer. Questions, discussions, songs, and worship in a supporting community may be more important than facts and arguments. The Vosburgs have produced a rich set of resources to support this journey. This wonderful resource blends humble scholarly insight with compassionate pastoral care. I wish someone could have guided me through this material when I was starting college."

—Justin L. Barrett, Ph.D., Chief Project Developer, Office for Science, Theology, and Religion Initiatives, Fuller Theological Seminary

"This is a wonderfully creative way of studying God’s creation through the whole of the Bible and opens up fresh ways of understanding that will delight and inspire—yet another example of the historic friendship between science and faith."

—Denis Alexander, Emeritus Director, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge

"This is a beautiful group study and discussion guide on science for all Christians, interweaving awe of Creation, love for Jesus, understanding of science, humility toward Scripture, and respect for fellow believers with different views about science and faith."

—Dr. Jennifer Wiseman, astronomer, author, and speaker

"The Vosburgs have given us a valuable introduction to the subject, both friendly and helpful. This study isn’t here to settle every controversial question, but it certainly presents an orientation that is trusting toward the Bible, positive toward the sciences, and charitable toward other Christians. The authors’ experiences with university students have clearly had a beneficial effect on the overall tone — these are people I’d be happy for my college-aged kids to learn from."

—C. John (“Jack”) Collins, PhD, Professor of Old Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, MO