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Observations: A Newsletter from Pier Press® offers readers a chance to look up at wonders in the sky, look around to discover what science can reveal, look within to enhance spiritual life, and look ahead to learn about events and our plans. In January 2017, Pier Press announced an exciting format change designed to make the newsletter easier for you to enjoy. It still provides information in the four areas readers have come to expect:

  • Look Up discusses natural and manmade wonders seen in the sky, some within Earth's atmosphere and others in the vastness of space beyond.
  • Look Around examines terrestrial and aquatic phenomena, typically featuring nature's handiwork but occasionally taking a closer look at human impacts or manufactured environments.
  • Look Within provides meditations, insights, and other types of commentary intended to enhance the spiritual side of life.
  • Look Ahead peeks at future calendar pages to highlight holidays, holy days, and forthcoming plans.

However, instead of delivering all the articles in one long message at the beginning of the month, each is now sent individually at different times. The shorter format will help you to enjoy each in just a few minutes. It will also enable you to forward a single newsletter component to a friend who may be interested in just one specific topic. Additionally, the change will enable you to receive information from us in a more timely manner.

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June 2017: Baby Deer; Advance Praise for Jesus, Beginnings, and Science; Be Prepared to Observe the Eclipse; Rough Green Snake

May 2017: Heart of Virginia Festival; Pink Lady's Slipper; The Virgo Cluster; Walking with Mark

April 2017: Holy Week; Meditations for Holy Remembrances; Frog Went A-Courting; Rainbows in Scripture and Science

March 2017: Jesus, Beginnings, and Science; Snakes; A Blessing for Spring

February 2017: It's Groundhog Time! An Endangered Bumble Bee; Orion's Belt; Take a Closer Look

January 2017: A New Format; Some Tools for Bible Study; Remembering Apollo 1

Prior to 2017

December 2016: First Flight; Poinsettias; and More for Christmas

November 2016: Double Cluster; Falling Acorns; A Hymn of Gratitude; Advent and Seasonal Savings

October 2016: Pattern Recognition; Microbes and Resistance; Within an Ancient Scroll; World Religions and October Celebrations

September 2016: Twilight; Silviculture: A Field of Trees; Onions and Perspective; Happy to Be Here: Available in September

August 2016: Natural Treasures in the Sky Overhead; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bug; Not the End; Coming Soon: Happy to Be Here

July 2016: Darkness Falls; Beach Sand; Upon a Midnight Clear; Solar System Events and Anniversaries

June 2016: It's a Plane; Pearls; A Merchant of Pearls; Noteworthy Dates in June

May 2016: Global Positioning System; The Gulf Stream; Changes and a Changeless God; International Astronomy Day

April 2016: Praesepe: The Beehive Cluster; Mosquito-Borne Diseases; Bad Things Have Been Done; Some Noteworthy Dates in April

March 2016: Messier Objects; Shamrocks and Clover; Taken in Context; Holy Week and Easter Sunday

February 2016: Stratus Clouds; Chocolate; Immortal, Invisible; February's Calendar

January 2016: What Day Is It? Hibernation; Do Over; A Beautiful Question

December 2015: Following the Star of Bethlehem; By Their Bark and Branches; Jesus Is the Reason; and a Christmas Discount

November 2015: Andromeda; Lighthouses; Anticipation; November's Celebrations

October 2015: Sikorsky and Helicopters; Why Pumpkins Are Orange; Waiting for God's Help; Reap a Harvest of Savings

September 2015: An Eclipsed Harvest Moon at Perigee; Seeking More Fruitful Dialog about Origins; Sunset and a Human-Centric Perspective; Highlights from September's Calendar

August 2015: The Summer Triangle; Flight of the Bumblebee; Recovering My Walk with God after Church Disappointments; Deep Sky Treasures of Late Summer Program

July 2015: About Lightning; Sand Dollars; A Spherical Analogy for the Trinity; NASA's New Horizons Mission; 2015 ASA Meeting

June 2015: A Quiz about Stars and the Bible; Are Earthworms Beneficial or Harmful? Comparing Biblical and Mathematical Truth; Bookstore News; Astronomical Events; Religious and Secular Observances

May 2015: Making a Simple Astrolabe; Anatomy of a Flower; All Things Bright and Beautiful, A Hymn; Spread the Word; On the Calendar

April 2015: Jupiter; The Wind, Physical Aspects; The Wind, Spiritual Aspects; On the Calendar; News

March 2015: Venus; Photosynthesis; Behold, a Child of God; On the Calendar and an Exciting Announcement

February 2015: The Drinking Gourd; Unboiling an Egg; How Will You Observe Lent? Walk with John, Available Next Week (Update: Available Now!)

January 2015: Glory; Snowflakes; Tips for Bible Study Journaling; Introducing Our Bookstore and Media Room

December 2014: Viewing the Northern Cross; Rivers of Ice; Reflections; More Bible Study Journals to Follow Our Debut

November 2014: Viewing the International Space Station; Studying a Comet for Clues about Planetary Origins; A Hymn for Thanksgiving; Updated Information about WALK with Matthew

October 2014: The Eclipses Are Coming; Trees in Autumnal Garb; Bible Reading, Slower and Deeper; WALK with Matthew

September 2014: Migrating Birds; Volcanic Terms: Magma, Lava, and Tephra; Theosis; Innovative Bible Study Journal Nearly Ready

August 2014: Feeling Sunbaked? Highs and Lows, Tides That Is; Beside Still Waters; and Several Projects Lined Up to Follow Our Debut

July 2014: Observations: Contrails; Moths vs. Butterflies; Circles and Spheres Illustrate the Spiritual Dimension; and Upcoming Blog Entry

June 2014: Moonlit Summer Nights; Garden Insects; Science and Religion; and Planned Blogs

May 2014: Cloud Watching; Something New Under the Sun; Entropy and Faith; and Updates

April 2014: Auroras; Cosmology; Spiritual Expressions; and Project Updates