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A Free Pier Press® Tool to Help Readers Choose among the Many Available Bible Translations  

The Bible is the world's most widely translated book. Contemporary English speakers can choose from among dozens of modern Bible translations, but this great diversity leaves many people feeling confused about the nature of the differences. Which Good Book? An Impartial Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation, by Karen A. Bellenir, provides readers with an interactive experience that enables them to identify which translations of the Bible are best suited to their needs.
Unlike other guides that lead readers to predetermined outcomes, Bellenir crafted Which Good Book? to offer impartial information and a broad spectrum of choices. Explanatory sections use clear, everyday language to describe the various ways translators have handled challenges such as these:

  • Selecting source documents that best represent the original writings
  • Identifying the specific roster of books deemed authoritative
  • Balancing word-for-word versus thought-for-thought translational philosophies
  • Handling gender-related expressions
  • Including notes, commentary, and other supplementary material
  • Achieving a desired literary style or reading level

Questions and interactive links allow readers to take their own path through the text by focusing on the issues they feel are most important.  Their choices lead to specific suggestions drawn from a list of thirty-one of the most commonly available Bible translations in English. In addition, facts are included about twenty other historically important and specialty Bibles. A concluding section of references and resources provides a starting point for people who want to dig more deeply into the history of Bible translation.

Ultimately, the best Bible translation is the one someone actually uses. Which Good Book? is designed to help match readers with the translations they are most likely to read and appreciate.

Which Good Book? An Impartial Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation is available online at WhichGoodBook.com. You can also obtain a FREE copy of the complete publication in an interactive PDF format through the Pier Press bookstore.

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