Where's the Pier?

Our pier exists as a symbol. According to the dictionary, a pier is a structure that serves multiple functions:

1.    a path from shore to navigable waters
2.    a journey's point of embarkation, arrival, or return
3.    a place to walk along the intersection of the sea and land
4.    a breakwater to protect or create a sheltered place for anchorage
5.    a support at the end of an archway
6.    a solid mount for a telescope

At Pier Press, all these functions come together. Pier Press® materials are designed to help readers discover a path to the navigable waters of their lives; experience intellectual and spiritual journeys; walk between seemingly dissimilar viewpoints and examine the ways they complement one another; find shelter and rest; support others who need to be upheld during times of stress; and see the stars, the skies, and the heavens.

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